Mozcation 2012 in Portsmouth, NH: Five Reasons Why

Here in the (not actually) sleepy port city of Portsmouth, NH, there has been a quite a bit of buzz going on recently in response to SEOmoz’s announcement that they’re looking for new locations to host their #MozCation meetups. Portsmouth’s own @MyFriendDan is driving this bandwagon and we’re hoping the destination will be MozCation Portsmouth 2012!

MozCation in Portsmouth, NH for 2012 - Photoshopping courtesy Crystal Paradis.So far, digital agency Raka designing and building the website, a shared Pinterest board to help spread the word, and a whole bucketload of tweets and videos from @MyFriendDan, @leslie, @bouchermedia, @dekoning, @walterelly, @laughtercrystal, @dougridley, and many, many other local-yokels who are super excited about meeting Roger, or at least @RandFish and the other SEOMozzers!

I have my own Top 5 list of reasons why I believe Portsmouth deserves to be blessed with the next MozCation MeetUp, and here they are:

  1. We have about a bajillion web, creative, and digital agencies right here in Portsmouth, not to mention all of the immediately surrounding towns. Lots of places can claim this, but Portsmouth’s agencies are set apart by the amount of collaboration and cooperation that occurs between these groups. Just look at this list of awesome folks!
  2. Did I mention that we’re collaborative? We’ve got the Web Dev MeetUps hosted at Alpha Loft, the WordPress Dev MeetUp, Digital Portsmouth events hosted at the Music Hall Loft (Bonus – that’s my husband Scott and I with our friend Stephanie on the Digital Portsmouth page!), NHTweetup, and Social Media Club of NH.
  3. For people who like muffins (and EVERYONE likes muffins!) we have the Portsmouth Breakfast Club, a meeting of social media and web technology folks who get together every Wednesday morning at 6:48 (because 6:45 is just too early!) and discuss what’s happening in the biz. And of course, because some people think that 6:48 is still too early, there’s the Portsmouth Lunch Club.
  4. We’ve got beer!
  5. Look how pretty it is!

So, SEOMoz, come and see for yourselves what we have to offer! We would LOVE to have you!!

Written by Melanie Burger, a Portsmouth resident and social media specialist at Beyond Indigo Pets. Originally posted on
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