#Mozcation 2012: Roger Scouting Portsmouth. He Likes What He Sees.



Roger is doing some preliminary exploring around Portsmouth for #MozCation 2012 and he likes what he sees!

Roger visits Portsmouth Harbor, and on his way to the Old Ferry Landing for a Jimmy Juice with some buddies, he spots the tugs. A lifelong dream is revived:


While checking the Portsmouth twitter feed, he sees a bunch of cool @Foursquare fans are going to play their weekly ACTUAL Four Square game in front of The Music Hall after work on Friday! Loving the app enthusiasm-turned literal translation into analog fun, he shows up prepared:


It doesn’t take long for Roger to adopt a “Portsmouth” look! Now he’s a huge Red Sox fan, loves his hipster plaid shirt and Converse, and even got the LFOD tattoos – on his knuckles– to show support for the “Live Free or Die” state motto! Wow, that’s some NH dedication!


Roger fits right in.

Check out the #MozCation – #03801Moz Pinterest board to see where else Roger has gone. We’re pretty sure we’ve got him hooked!

Written by Crystal Paradis, of Portsmouth agency Brown & Co., and founder of #PortsBkfstClub among many other social endeavors.
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