MozCation 2012: Sandra Rand Has Personal Experience With Rand’s Yellow Shoes

As the #MozCation deadline quickly approaches, I wanted to offer you two more reasons why I think SEOmoz should mozcation in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

My career has actually been heavily influenced by the people and resources provided by SEOmoz. Back in 2005, I was a junior associate at a PR agency north of Boston. One of my first clients was SES, which is the Search Engine Strategies conference series – they produce dozens of events throughout the world throughout the year for the sake of educating the search industry. For SES, my job was to publicize the events, register members of the media to attend the conference, and be on-hand in the press room to make sure everything ran smoothly.

My team & I would run shifts in the press room, which allowed us some free time to hit up the expo floor and attend some sessions. At my first SES in New York, I kept hearing about Rand Fishkin’s yellow shoes. Everyone was talking about him, and when I learned that he wasn’t much older than me, I was curious why there was so much buzz about this guy. I soon learned he created SEOmoz, and there was no denying that his company had a huge presence at the SES conference. Their logo was everywhere, they had a ton or employees roaming the halls, and a number of them were speakers during the many sessions that were offered.

At that SES when I was attending the sessions, I had a lightbulb moment and really started to understand just how important search was to a well-rounded marketing program, and I saw how it dovetailed with social media and public relations. After that show, I went back to my agency and started talking to my directors and executives about how important it is to optimize our press releases and ask reporters to include links back to our clients’ sites when their coverage ran online. At the time, hard-copy newspapers were still considered valuable press hits, but thanks to everything I had read from SEOmoz, I knew that it was important for our clients to be talked about online too.

So, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for being incredibly influential on my career. As the industry has evolved, my career has too, and SEOmoz has been a huge resource for me throughout the years. So, there are two reasons why I’d like you guys to take a mozcation in Portsmouth:

  1. So I can properly say Thank You in person for having such an impact on me and for helping lead me to a career that I love and am good at. My clients should also thank you because of how I’m able to help them thanks to everything you guys have taught me.
  2. So my friends here in Portsmouth can get a first-hand look at how awesome you guys are and can learn more from one of the most significant resources that has taught me what I know. I think there’s still so much to learn when it comes to SEO and inbound marketing, and our Portsmouth community is a sponge for this kind of valuable information.

I hope Portsmouth, NH makes the list for the 2012 SEOmoz #mozcation.

Written by Sandra Rand, an experienced consultant providing social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing and new media training. 

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