Rand Fishkin Planning to Attend MozCation Portsmouth. November Venue and Date to be Finalized Next Week.


The euphoria of winning #MozCation has barely subsided in Portsmouth and we already have more exciting news!

Some of the organizers of the winning #03810Moz effort to bring MozCation to Portsmouth have been in touch by phone and email with SEOMozzers during the past few days for initial planning discussions. Final details are still being worked out, such as the exact date and venue, but we all expect those to be ironed out by early next week.

There have been a lot of questions and discussions about what’s actually happening at MozCation Portsmouth, so I want to share what we’ve learned so far, even if details are not complete yet. (Hey, it’s only been a week since we won!)

What we Know so Far About MozCation Portsmouth:

  • SEOMoz CEO Rand Fishkin, as well as an impressive team of SEOMozzers, are definitely planning to attend MozCation Portsmouth!
  • The date and venue have not been finalized but it’s looking like MozCation Portsmouth will happen in the first ten days of November at a downtown location. Rand and other SEOMoz team members are scheduled to speak at Distilled’s SearchLove Boston SEO Conference on Nov. 5 & 6, so that bodes well for Portsmouth’s MozCation to potentially take place sometime after.
  • MozCation Portsmouth will be a one-day event. The schedule will likely include a one-hour registration/networking period, about two or three hours of presentations on SEO and social media, and then another hour-long networking reception to close the event. You can expect sessions on search engine optimization presented by different speakers.
  • The speakers have not been determined, but as we mentioned, Rand Fishkin is confirmed to attend and has been a speaker at MozCations in other cities in the past. See a complete list of last year’s presentations below.
  • This is a free event for attendees! SEOMoz is putting on this free event to connect with its community supporters. That means they’re coming to meet all you SEOs, web designers and developers, creatives, marketers, social media enthusiasts, digital-minded agency folk, and anyone else interested in SEO.
  • A crowd of about 300 to 500 is expected. There will be an electronic RSVP (Eventbrite) to help plan but attendees will not need to pay to enter.
  • Timing of the event may be late afternoon to evening. Again, details being finalized and we’ll know more next week.
  • After-parties or other events may happen (obviously will happen whether they’re planned or not because, hey, this is Portsmouth) but details on that are up in the air.

Charlene and Jen at SEOMoz have been great to work with in the initial planning of the event and have been very gracious in recognizing Portsmouth’s effort to win MozCation. We are all happy to be assisting SEOMoz in planning the event but they are obviously taking care of all details and arrangements–an impressive feat considering their location across the country–so we’re truly lucky to be working with them.

If you’d like to get involved, just comment on this post or look for the #03801Moz hashtag on twitter to connect with everyone who’s working on the effort.

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Written by Brian DeKoning, director of social strategy at digital agency Raka.
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