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A True Tech Community


Collaborative. Engaged. Enthusiastic. Supportive. Portsmouth, NH’s digital community is a large part of what makes Portsmouth a top candidate for #MozCation.

Because of the significant concentration of digital media companies and tech-savvy residents in New Hampshire’s seacoast region, Portsmouth is our state’s most digitally advanced communities, and whether you’re an early adopter born and raised in Portsmouth or a transplant “from away,” we believe that our community belongs to everyone.

Using digital channels to communicate with and support one another is second nature to us. While many digital cities might dilute the concept of working together – for a charity cause, inspiration, or to hype the city – with promotion-laden networking events, Portsmouth’s community truly advocates for learning and awareness. From helping local businesses learn how to connect with their customers to collaborating with area restaurants and event spaces to host educational gatherings, we believe in the power of collaboration and the responsibility to support our local community – and to keep it fun.

Need proof?

All of this in a town of just 21,000.

Sure, we’ve got Boston just an hour away. It’d be easy to take the bus down and stand in the back of one of hundreds of marketing and web events happening there each week. But we don’t. We’d rather make our own impact.

And while we are organized enough to produce some amazing and successful events, our community is truly about our people. Our events are educational and consistent, but we don’t see them as “just networking” – we see them as an opportunity to catch up with friends. Friends who are not just digital marketers, but also web developers, entrepreneurs and startup hustlers, graphic designers, writers, photographers, project managers, small business owners, college faculty, business leaders, nonprofit employees, and just creative, interesting people.

So come hang out, SEOmoz! Join the Portsmouth, NH digital community, and let us show you what we’re all about.

Photo courtesy Philip Case Cohen for #Mozcation!